The Sage Room only uses the finest of products, carefully sourced for ethics and organic content.

For all the Treatments I only use Neals Yard, Songbird, Eco Cosmetics 4u, The Finest food grade Himalayan salt, Organic algae, and organic clay face masks. 


I am always on the look out for new products to introduce and will keep you all posted on new lines.

 The Sage Room is very proud of its facials.   All facials use a combination of Neals Yard products, Collagen Gels, Organic Algae Face Masks, Songbird Naturals Massage Oils and other carefully chosen organic and cruelty free products. 
Facelift Facial
​60 min - £50 (Book a course  of 10 for £450)

A rejuvenating facial experience - with noticable results after just one session.


Suitable for all ages - Using galvanic current  - galvanic treatments stimulate the skin and muscles, tighten and firm skin and help reduce the appearance of fine line and wrinkles.  This facial revitalises and rejuvenates the facial tissue, refines pores and improves the textue of the skin.  


The facial includes of course the all important massage.


Galvanic treatments benefit younger skin as well by promoting cellular health, helping it to stave off free-radical damage and premature aging.


SUPER Facelift Facial
​90 min - £60 (Book a course  of 10 for £550)

A relaxing and rejuvenating facial.


This facial combines the use of a galvanic facial and high frequency machine to tighten and firm skin, helping to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, increase blood flow, promotes cellular renewal, boost metabolism and healing, and to oxygenate. This facial revitalises and rejuvenates the facial tissue, refines pores and improves the texture of the skin. Includes an algae mask, collagen treatment and luxurious massage.. 



Colour Light Therapy Facial
60 min - £55 (Book a course of 6 for £300 recommended)

Harnessing the power of colour, a celebrity facial without the hefty price!

This facial is like the "just for you Facials" but after the massage you wear an LED light mask.  LEDs emit light-waves of different lengths.  The longest are the red lights (650-730 nano-meters) which is used for anti-aging due to their cell regenerating properties.  The LED lights stimulate the Fibroblast cells, which are responsible for collagen production.  It also helps to slow down collagen destroying enzymes and helps to stimulate cell production helping skin to regenerate faster. Using beautiful products and Hyaluronic Acid.


60 Min - £45 (Book a course of 10 for £400)

A non surgical Facelift facial using only the power of acupressure and massage.  As this facial uses NO PRODUCTS it is Ideal for those with product sensitivity too. Not only is this facial effective but its very indulgent too.  

A brief history: The ancient Chinese were the first to experiment with facial massage techniques.  They found that massage, combined with acupressure, produced remarkable results in retaining youthful looking skin.  Today Facelift Massage is a well evolved therapy comprising many effective techniques drawn from Chinese, Japanese and Indian Massage.  This facial is based on the teachings of the wonderful Kundan Mehta.

Benefits may include :

  • Tightening of facial contours

  • Promotion of circulation

  • Improving skin suppleness

  • Toning skin and underlying muscle

  • Stress relief

  • Soothing tension headaches and eyestrain

  • Greater Feeling of well-being

  • Helping wrinkles and habitual expression lines reduction

  • Stimulation of cellular activity and rejuvenation

Facial made Just for you -
60 min - £45

A fabulous facial  just for you.  Whatever your skin type, and whatever your aim is, we will tailor make a facial to  suit you (Oily skin treatments, oxygenation, steam, various organic masks).  All facials include the all important massage and will leave you feeling great.  I only use the best combination of products to suit you and achieve your aims.

Express Facial - 30 Mins  £20

A mini delight of Cleanse, Mini Massage, Tone and Moisturise.


Eyerbrow Tidy / Shape £5

Thermal Auricular Therapy /


A pleasant and non-invasive treatment of the ears, used to treat a variety of conditions.  People have reported relief from: Sinus Problems, Rhinitis, Tinnitus, Compacted Ear Wax, Sore Throats, Migraine, Catarrh, Asthma, Vertigo, Menier’s and Neuraligia for example, although results vary.


It’s a very pleasant, relaxing treatment lasting around 30 -40 Mins:  £30. 

Ideal before a Flight, Lovely before a facial, in conjuction with any other treatment - or just as a stand alone treatment.

Thai inspired Foot Massage
45 Mins - £40

With each foot having over 700 nerve endings, 60 bones, 107 ligaments and 19 musclses (25% of the bodies total!) this is a thorough workout for your feet and body but without a visit to the gym.   


This treatment combines relaxing massage, gentle stretching, shiatsu and reflexology.  Utterly heavenly. All to wonderful music.

The benefits can include:

  •  Improvement of circulation and lymph drainage

  • Prevention or relief from things like constipation, asthma, gall bladder problems, cystitis, headaches, sinus blockages and stress

  • Stimulation of the mind

  • Toxin removal

  • Help boost the Immune system

  • Reduce stiffness and improve flexibility

  • Accelerates physical healing

  • Promotes stress relief

  • Improves Sleep quality 

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